Professional Highlights

I have years of experience in project management, marketing, public relations and community management and have worked with a wide range of clients both small and huge on projects in both the digital and physical realms (think back to the days of print, radio, TV and gasp billboards).

I wrangle schedules, budgets and people. I make things happen. I'm so resourceful that McGuyver calls me for advice.

Clients find me calm and zen-like.

Oui, je parle francais... et mon accent est charmant.

More below....

Project / Account Management

  • Project management from start to finish including collaborating with internal teams and
    clients on the development of the overall strategy, establishment of the budget, and creation
    of the initial project plan including all project phases and milestones. 
  • Day-to-day management of the quality of deliverables, maintenance of the project scope and
    project budget.
  • Delivery of exceptional client service with a warm, zen-like manner.
  • Creation of all supporting project materials and tools for both internal and external use
    including client presentations, internal dockets and collaborative tracking systems to ensure
    seamless flow of information with all involved.
  • Provide support to ensure that deliverables are on time, on budget and of exceptional
  • Collaborate with internal talent, freelancers and suppliers to secure design, development, integration, usability, testing, copy, translation, voice-overs, printing and all other essential components for project completion.
  • Prototyping, quality assurance testing, bug tracking and usability analysis of websites and applications.

Marketing. Social Media and Community Management

  • Sales, customer support and product management.
  • Development and management of contests, promotions, tradeshow collateral, catalogues, co-
    promotions, web, print, direct mail, television and radio campaigns.
  • Strategic planning, research, competitive intelligence, market research, brand strategy and
    new business development.
  • Community management: conversation and relationship building, social media monitoring,customer relationship management, crisis management, product feedback and evaluation of campaign and day-to-day metrics.
  • Content creation for blogs, websites, whitepapers, press releases, conference sessions,
    journal abstracts and webinars.
  • Blogger outreach and social media training.

Please check my CV for more details or let's connect on LinkedIn.

I live to give.... back

Let's get spiritual... spiritual

A big part of my life is Buddhism. It manifests itself pretty indirectly and most people can't tell. Look at the photo of me above and see if you can tell. You can't can you? Looook clooooserrr... Into my eyes.

I've spent lots of time sitting and studying with both the Shambhala and Nalandabodhi Buddhist communities which are great places where I've been learning how to slow down, breathe and cultivate awareness, compassion and kindness.

I've facilitated a series of introductory meditation classes for Nalandabodhi as well as have volunteered my time in providing communications and social media assistance both for the organization as well as for the promotion of 'Rebel Buddha', a book written by Ponlop Rinpoche.

I've been blogging about Buddhism since 2006 and have had several book reviews published on the Shambhala Sun Space and a submission posted for the Under 35 project. I also was a judge for the Bloggisattva Awards celebrating Buddhabloggers world-wide.

In 2015, I edited a book titled Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women.